Cycling is on the rise in cities across America. Since the 90's several large cities, including New York, Denver, Washington and Boston have seen more than a 300% increase in the number of cyclists that are on the road. This prodigious rise has been fueled by the rise of dense urban lifestyles, and unprecedented government investment in cycling infrastructure. Bikes are slowly becoming an important and substantial means of transportation. 


The Challenge 

Despite the massive increase in cycling transport, secure bike parking facilities are scarce. Most riders are forced to leave bikes on street racks, where they'll fall victims to thieves and vandals, or inconveniently within apartments. According to one study, more than half of riders have experienced theft, and a large share have experienced theft three times or more. 

In order for bicycles to become a convenient and ubiquitous mode of transportation, then we'll need a network of easy-to-use, and affordable parking facilities for all cyclists to use. 


There are several existing roadblocks in place that have prevented these types of facilities from being built, even in the most bike-friendly cities in the world. Aside from the costs related from building and maintaining the parking system, space must first be identified and apportioned to bike parking purposes. If no convenient pre-existing spaces exist then new ones must be constructed from scratch; a tremendous undertaking.

Any such structures must conform to the public space design requirements of the property manager and to the needs of the public. This means that the structures may have to include other design elements such as seating and greenery so they don't detract from public spaces.


Our goal is to provide thousands of affordable secure bicycle parking spaces throughout urban centers. This infrastructure is the last missing hurdle to unleashing the true power of bicycle transport within cities; if riders are able to find secure parking within the city center, they'll be able to easily ride from place to place without worrying about losing their vehicles. 

Our platform will also make it easier for riders to register their bikes, obtain insurance and to easily access repair and maintenance services. 

By making the experience simple, fun and easy, we'll ensure that many more cyclists will use their bikes for transportation each day.