Features Overview

CUBIC is designed to be smart, stylish and flexible. Our platform is based around paring a modular kiosk along with an intuitive ecosystem for mobile devices and computers. The result is not only a flexible physical platform that can be deployed anywhere harmoniously, but a modern user experience that keeps users satisfied. 


Modular Design

CUBIC Pods are constructed with Lego like pieces that make it easy to customize the size, shape and "look" of each unit. This design approach means that Pods can be iterated over time; expanded to meet higher demand, or moved to accommodate an event, construction or other changing site conditions

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Access Control

An "smart lock" only lets those with permission enter. Riders can sign up for access on a website or with their smartphone. To get inside the unit, a cyclists can simply waive their phone or fob in-front of the lock to open the door. The hydraulic door automatically closes behind the user to ensure that property is safe.



Modular add-ons allow Pod to be customized even further. seating, solar panels, greenery, digital screens and way-finding features can be added onto each unit in order to meet the needs of the surrounding public space. Like the rest of the Pod, the modules can be changed and iterated overtime.

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Open Source Ecosystem

Each CUBIC Pod is linked to a powerful open source ecosystem that provides users with a range of third party products and services, made available through a variety of delivery mechanisms, including the Pods, themselves. Examples of these services include bicycle insurance, valet, and repair packages from local bike shops.

Because of the open source design of the platform, any business or entrepreneur can leverage the Pods and the ecosystem to market their products to a community of riders.