Developed for The City


City Cycling is on the Rise...

The last 25 years have brought triple digit increases in bike traffic in cities around America. Thanks to major government led investments in infrastructure, the public is finally embracing cycling as a normal way to move around urban areas. Bike travel is fast, efficient, healthy and fun.

The need for secure bike parking spots has grown in tandem with cycling. Current parking options, such as on street racks, do not provide users with adequate protection for long periods of time, and most riders aren't able to bring their bikes indoors. 


A Better Bike parking solution

CUBIC has designed a smart, modular and stylish kiosk that can scale across urban enviorments to provide thousands of secure bicycle parking spots. CUBIC's kiosks also provides users with a seamless, intuitive platform that makes it easy to register, and purchase other goods and services such as bike insurance and maintenance packages. CUBIC is designed to make the entire cycling experience as easy and streamlined as possible. 

CUBIC's kiosks also make it possible to add other features to the exterior, such as seating, greenery, way-finding details, information screens and more. The kiosks can be iterated over time, or easily relocated in order to adapt to changing site conditions.


A Paid Pilot Opportunity

A revenue generated pilot can be funded in your city with support from a sponsor, who will activate the the exterior of the unit with branding, while also giving back revenue to the host public space.