CUBIC can work with the government, BIDs, or other public and private community organizations to deploy a pilot consisting of 1-6 units, which can rapidly scale after meeting the criteria for success. 

We'll work with you to find locations and recruit users for the pilot, and then to deploy the infrastructure in a manner consistent with local laws and regulations. 



The pilot's success depends on identifying a cohort of strong locations that will eventually serve as the foundation for a broader network. Ideal locations for a pilot include central business districts, dense residential communities and other area within the dense urban core of a city. 

Locating the pilots here will serve to provide maximum value to the cycling community, and the greatest public visibility.



After a successful pilot period, we will work with other public and private community organizations or municipal agencies to identify suitable locations for additional Pods. Each Pod will operate as part of the wider network, allowing users to subscribe to individual locations or the entire network as a whole.