The Pod

Timeless, Classic, Chic. CUBIC’s Pods use a modular approach to offer an unprecedented array of size and customization options. The exterior, which is illuminated at night, can be clad in a number of hand selected materials, including black locust wood, stainless steel, cast-iron. The perforated steel body can be interchanged for glass or bamboo siding. No detail has been overlooked.

Each Pod is powered either through a direct connection to an outlet, an on site battery or solar panels located at the top of the unit.



Each Pod can be customized with an array of additional "modules" that can provide other benefits to the public, including greenery, way-finding and seating. Like the Pod itself, the modules can also be customized to a variety of styles.


Built To Scale

Pods can be set up in less than a day with minimal disruption to the surrounding space. Each Pod is built to be low cost and highly durable. We operate and maintain each Pod to keep things simple.


Built Smart

The Pod comes with a powerful companion app that allows cyclists to easily sign up and gain access. Riders can use their phone or a fob key to gain access to the Pod.