Since 2015, we have worked to develop the world's first scalable secure parking network for bikes and scooters. Our innovative approach emphasizes affordability and ubiquity, bucking today's conventional wisdom.


Our Philosophy 

We view secure bike parking as both a physical and digital infrastructure challenge; a network of elegant, versatile structures must be paired with a intuitive digital platform in order to achieve any sort of meaningful scale. As cycling rates continue to rapidly increase, only a network of parking locations can provide riders with a reliable way to avoid bike theft. 


As a method of transportation, cycling will never reach its true potential without secure bike parking. Today as many as 50% of all active cyclists have experienced theft; the problem is so commonplace that few victims even bother to report to the police. Increasingly, for most, bike theft is a question of when, not if.

CUBIC's solution helps to solve this problem in the only effective way possible, by removing bikes from vulnerable areas on the street and to secure parking locations. By doing this, we'll encourage many more cyclists to hit the streets.

CUBIC is addressing a critical challenge in the urban cycling landscape; the lack of secure parking
— Paul Steely White, Transportation Alternitives